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The use of natural slate in the Casa Pier project

The Casa Pier project is an ode to elegance and functionality, standing out for the careful choice of high quality materials.

Both on the floor & walls, the option for large slate formats stands out.

Natural Black Slate tiles size 60x90x1 cm from #MinasSlate not only offers sophistication to the environment, but also brings with it a series of practical advantages.

Slate is known for its impermeability, making it ideal for use in wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, providing residents with peace of mind with its resistance to moisture. Furthermore, its naturally non-slip texture guarantees safety, even in humid conditions.

By opting for natural slate tiles from MinasSlate Company, the Casa Pier project brings nature into the home, taking advantage of the natural tones and textures of this unique material. Its exceptional resistance also guarantees durability and low maintenance, allowing occupants to enjoy its beauty for many years, without worry.

The use of natural slate in the Casa Pier project not only adds a touch of sophistication, but also offers a practical and long-lasting solution for living spaces.

Are you looking for a reliable supplier of quality and diversified Natural slate tiles?

contact Minas Slate team -

We produce and export worldwide natural slate tiles in different sizes, colors and formats, starting from smallest 10x10 cm and metro tiles that can be used in kitchen backsplash, finishing with large format tiles that are perfect to cover large floor areas.

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