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We can supply you with different types of wall cladding made from slate stone.

On photos below you can see some examples. 

However if you'd like a special model, please send your drawing to us, we'll be more than happy to realize your dream.

Note: this product is a natural stone and therefore you will find colour and pattern variations in the tiles due to the way the product is made. We recommend laying out your tiles before fixing to ensure you get a good mix of shades across the area

Minasslate cladding black slate 3d strips 5 cm
Minasslate_hollywood star_black slate gray slate
MinasSlate_triangle-shaped tiles 1
Minasslate_wall cladding_black slate diamond cube
Minasslate slate cladding diamond arrow black multicolor and grey slate
Minasslate slate cladding diamond black and grey mix 3
Minasslate cladding multicolor diamond
Minasslate Black slate cladding tijolinhos
Minasslate slate cladding diamond black and grey mix 1
Minasslate cladding multicolor slate 3d strips 5 cm
Minasslate_wall cladding_multicolor diamond 2
Black slate hexagon ~15 cm side
Minasslate_wall cladding_black 3D_20x20 e 10x10
Black slate_cladding
MinasSlate_Black Slate Chevron Riven Finish Tiles_6 cm
Minasslate_wall cladding_black 60x10cm herringbone chevron
MinasSlate_Black slate 10x10 cm
Minasslate_wall cladding_black 10x10 cm and 20x10cm
Minasslate slate cladding diamond multicolor and grey mix 3
Minasslate_wall cladding_black 40x10cm, 30x10cm
Minasslate_wall cladding_multicolor diamond 1
Minasslate slate cladding diamond black and grey mix waves
Minasslate_wall cladding_black 60x6cm, 40x6cm, 30x6cm
Minasslate_wall cladding_black 60x10cm classic
Minasslate_wall cladding_black bricks classic
Minasslate_wall cladding_black bricks herringbone chevron
MinasSlate_Black slate 3d_deck style
Minasslate_wall cladding_black 30x10cm herringbone chevron
Black slate kitchen backsplash
Minasslate_wall cladding_black bricks parallel
Minasslate slate cladding diamond black and grey mix 4
Minasslate_wall cladding_black bricks
Minasslate_wall cladding_multicolor 10x10 cm
Black slate_small hexagon_MinasSlate
Minasslate_wall cladding_multicolor 3D_20x20 e 10x10
Black slate_wall cladding
Mosaics from Multicolor slate
MinasSlate_black slate_small brick cladding
MinasSlate cladding black and grey diamond cube
Mosaics from Black and Grey slate

Slate strips can be used as wall cladding, flooring and plinth

Standard sizes:

60x15 cm / 60x10 cm / 60x7,5 cm / 60x6 cm

40x15 cm / 40x10 cm / 40x6 cm

Standard thickness:

calibrated to 1 cm or

natural cleft on both sides with 6~10mm or 8~12 mm thickness

MinasSlate_Black slate 60x10 cm
MinasSlate_Black slate 60x6 cm
Minas Slate_Black slate cladding NATURAL FL 6 cm
Black slate strips cladding
slate strips -cladding
Black slate
Multicolor slate strips
Brazilian multicolor slate strips
Grey slate strips_60x6cm
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