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slate raised floor plates / piso elevado de ardósia

Slate can be used as raised floors.

However not all types of slate are suitable for it production.

Slate tiles for raised floors are produced from special strong slate called Matacão that doesn't "open" by layers.

All tiles have thing calibration on both sides, very good square and no breakages on sides or corners therefore permitting easy installation on steel holders (pedestals).

Pedestals are adjustable and have different height, leveling all imperfections of flooring, and creating space underneath the floor where can pass all electrical and telephone/ internet cables, air conditioning/ heating system, hydraulic system, etc. making maintenance very easy, fast and practical, especially in commercial office's buildings.

Slate for raised floors is

* very hard and durable,

* has great stability,

* has high resistance to concentrated and distributed loads

* has no electrical conductivity!!!

MinasSlate_slate raised floors 600x600x25
piso elevado1_minasslate
piso elevado 2_minasslate
piso elevado 3_minasslate
piso elevado 4_minasslate
piso elevado 5_minasslate
piso elevado 6_minasslate
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