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Large-format tiles from Minas Slate for roof coverings.

Japan is famous for its innovations. Have you ever thought to use natural slate tiles in such way? Even for me who is working with natural slate for so many years, it is always a good surprise to discover new ways of application for this timeless and astonishing material .

Using large-format tiles for roof covering itself is an intelligent approach that offers both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits.

Using in such different way make a new design statement, a new way to look on roof covering!

Why large-format tiles is an intelligent choice, an innovative way to cover roofs efficiently:

👉 Fewer Joints: With fewer joints, there’s less risk of leaks and water infiltration.

👉 Faster Installation: Covering a larger area with fewer tiles speeds up the installation process.

👉 Economical: Despite their size, large-format tiles can be cost-effective due to reduced labor and material usage

👉 Dramatic Look: Large-format tiles create a bold and modern appearance, especially when used on roofs.

📌 What do you think of such way of roofing covering? Have you ever thought to use natural slate tiles in such way?

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