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Enhance your commercial space with the natural beauty and functionality of Brazilian Natural Black Slate flooring from Minas Slate.

Thinking what flooring to use for shopping or business center, restaurant, hotel, airport, train station, library, school, university or even church - go with our Black slate tiles.

Brazilian slate offers one of the most robust and durable slates on the market.

With an incredible service life and exceptional durability, these tiles withstands the rigors of high traffic areas with ease, retaining its stunning appearance and unfaded color even in the face of constant use.

Beyond its natural resilience, Brazilian Black Slate boasts an array of practical benefits. 

Its waterproof, germs and fire-resistant properties provide unmatched safety and peace of mind, while its anti-slip natural surface ensures stability even in the busiest environments. 

And with low maintenance requirements, it's a practical choice for businesses looking to maximize efficiency without compromising on aesthetics.

But it's not just about practicality—with its low embodied carbon, natural slate is an ideal choice for those consciously trying to reduce the environmental impact of a project.

Moreover, Brazilian Black Slate exudes elegance in its "classic black" tones, adding a touch of sophistication to any space. 

Whether you prefer sleek, modern layouts or timeless, traditional designs, its versatility allows for endless possibilities. And with a proven track record that spans centuries, it's a flooring option that has truly stood the test of time, making it the ultimate choice for those who demand excellence in both form and function.

And the last but not the least important benefit of our Black slate tiles is the price. Contact our sales team and you'll be gladly surprised of how more you can get for your project for the same budget.


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