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Have you ever thought to use natural slate tiles in swimming pools?

Yes, that’s right! Heavy and durable, slate is easy to install and can be cut into various lengths and widths.

Due to its durability, natural anti-slip properties, resistance to UV rays and very low water absorption (less than 0.6%), slate tiles can be used for pool coverings and surrounds.

See what an attractive and luxurious pool you can create using slate tiles from Minas Slate.

When applied to swimming pools, this stone is not just a decorative element; it becomes an integral part of the aquatic experience.

The reasons to choose Natural Brazilian slate for your pool:

👉Time-Defying Durability:

Brazilian slate is known for its impressive strength. It withstands scorching sun, torrential rain, and even the most unpredictable weather while maintaining its structural integrity and vibrant color. This durability makes it ideal for pool surrounds, where exposure to the elements is constant.

👉 Safety at Every Step:

With a naturally textured surface, Brazilian slate tiles offer an essential non-slip feature for wet areas. This ensures that pool fun is not interrupted by unexpected accidents, providing a safe environment for all users.

👉 A Palette of Natural Colors:

The color palette of Brazilian slate ranges from deep grays to enigmatic greens or even red and oranges (in case of Multicolored slate), reflecting the tones of the Brazilian landscape. These colors complement the crystal clear water of the pool, creating a setting that is both serene and inviting.

👉 Simplified Maintenance:

Ease of maintenance is another strong point of Brazilian slate tiles. Stain-resistant and easy to clean, they allow pool owners to enjoy their free time without worrying about conserving the space.

👉 Design Versatility:

Whether in an infinity pool that merges with the horizon or a classic rectangular pool, Brazilian slate tiles adapt to any style. They can be cut and shaped to fit unique designs, ensuring each pool is a unique work of art.

Brazilian slate tiles are more than a practical choice for swimming pools; they are a declaration of love for natural beauty and the art of living well. With each piece telling a story millions of years old, Brazilian slate is an invitation to delve into a world of timeless elegance.

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