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🔊 Attention architects and builders Minas Slate presents a new line of rounded edge slate roofs.

This new range of rounded edge slate roofs from Minas Slate offers a smooth, modern aesthetic whilst providing all the traditional benefits of slate. 

👉 Improved Aesthetics: 

The rounded edges give a contemporary and differentiated look, ideal for projects that seek a touch of sophistication.

👉 Durability: 

Slate is known for its longevity, resisting natural elements such as rain, wind and temperature variations.


Slate is a natural product with a simple and efficient production process, resulting in a low environmental impact.


Available in different colors, the tiles adapt to different architectural styles, from rustic to modern.

Incorporate the new line of slate roofs with rounded edges into your projects and raise the quality and design standards of your buildings. 

Contact us for more information by and see the full range of products available. 

Transform your projects with the beauty and resistance of Brazilian slate!

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